Professional Courses – chance to get new qualifications

Recruitment process for future carpenters has begun. Mardom Pro, in cooperation with Jan Ruszkowski technical and vocational high school in Pułtusk, is going to help candidates to take this important life decision that is choosing a profession and raising qualifications.

All this free of charge!

Nowadays , since it is difficult to find employment, it is the carpenter profession that is in demand the most. This is because of economic growth in wood industry. A similar tendency can be observed in Pułtusk District, where Mardom Pro welcomes such specialists with open arms. Carpentry is a demanding profession but it brings a lot satisfaction and benefits. It is necessary to notice that a well-trained carpenter should know both material technology and the newest trends in carpentry, says Jan Walaszek, founder of Mardom Group.

Wood processing , one of the strongest branches of  Polish industry, comprises 65 thousand companies which employ over a quarter million people and lack well-trained staff. In order to acquire the necessary skills, it is necessary to get some practice. This is why Mardom Pro, in cooperation with the local Department of Education, has created a special professional training program. All concerned candidates will have an opportunity to learn the secrets of modern carpentry and get new professional skills.

The three-semester program created by Mardom Pro and Jan Ruszkowski technical and vocational high school begins in autumn, this year. It is targeted at candidates of age who are interested in gaining extra qualifications. Classes will be divided into theoretical (in Jan Ruszkowski high school) and practical (in Mardom Pro production hall) parts and taught by well-trained Mardom Pro specialists.

Professional course for carpenters is a highly technical program. Participants will acquire skills which will allow them to get around production companies, especially wood industry companies.  They will learn how to design and perform wood processing technological procedures, as well as how to approach problems thinking out of the box. Candidates should have a knack for operating machines because work in industry companies is based on an automated machinery park.

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