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Who are we? We are Mardom Group which comprises two fast growing companies:
MARDOM PRO is a modern production company. It specializes in producing solid wood furniture and wooden curtain rods. Thanks to professionalism, efficient management and an open attitude, the company has earned trust of internationally known brands. Our products are manufactured according to Lean Manufacturing principles and Kaizen philosophy. We continually improve the production which limits our loses and improves the quality at same time. We focus on development.
MARDOM HOMEis a limited company . It is a service and trading company which offers a wide range of window decoration products. Our offer expands according to worldwide pattern trends and on customer’s request it is adjusted to individual needs. The company cooperates with retail customers and sales networks. We also run an online shop.


It is difficult to believe today but everything started from a simple track curtain rod. Exactly in 1985 in Lipniki Stare, in a house garage its first model was manufactured. Introducing a wooden curtain rod on the Polish market turned out to be a true revolution. Although many years passed, Roma, in an almost identical form, still remains among Mardom products and its manufacturing continues to this day.


Mardom is a family business which has been on the market for nearly three decades. Everything started from buying technology necessary to produce metal curtain rods and later manufacturing the very first piece in 1985.

All the models were produced in accordance with pattern design of that time. Nonetheless, the production was quickly reorganized in order to manufacture wooden curtain rods. Their easy production and classic look made them suitable for numerous interiors. They were pleasant to look at thanks to various possibilities of lacquering shades. Roma, the model originally manufactured at that time, is still to be found among our products.

Initially, the company was a small backyard production place known only locally which employed five people. Thirty years of presence on the market resulted in high development and introduction of new technologies. However, the core rules of craft and passion for creating unique products have always accompanied the owners and are passed on from generation to generation.

Family is our success.

However, our success is not based on the owners’ engagement only. It is also the employees, their skills and responsibility. All these made us capable of cooperating with the largest purchasers and sales networks. Thanks to them we can be guests at your homes all over Poland.
Grupa Mardom


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Grupa Mardom
Our values are both strong a bond with tradition, appropriate due to running a family business, and innovative solutions when it comes to organizing and managing.

Moreover, we follow the organizational culture which has been being developed for the past thirty years. Up to this day we obey the same rules which helped us build the company and become a reliable partner in business.