Recruitment process

Recruitment policy in Mardom is explicit and transparent. We care about candidates’ comfort and inform them about their progress as well as give our feedback to each and every one of them. The recruitment process has usually two stages.

In the first stage we make an appointment with candidates who live up to certain requirements stated in the job advertisement. In the second stage we meet two or three best candidates. Job interviews focus on duties connected with the particular position.

How to prepare for the recruitment process in Mardom?

The most common problems of candidates seems to be inability to describe their job experience. Usually, the interviewer needs to ask a series of additional questions in order to elicit the information which is important for recruitment purposes. While preparing for the job interview it is advisable to go through one’s achievements, completed projects, successes and failures. This ensures an efficient and effective interview.

Employee’s development

Mardom is a great place for an employee to grow. We are reliable due to thirty years of tradition – we combine the power of experience with constant progress of all the areas within the company. We look for innovative solutions to improve the quality of organizing. We look for people who consider work to be both a passion and challenge.

Our organizational culture is based on team work. People who belong to the team are our invaluable strength which makes us special. We aim for perfection by analyzing performance of each unit and introducing changes systematically. Development is our motto, which is the reason why we improve our competence on regular basis, seek new inspirations and optimize processes. Employees take part in external trainings in order to support the company with new knowledge and experience. By realizing internal trainings we build up a team spirit and encourage experience sharing.

Internship and apprenticeship programs

Internship and apprenticeship programs organized in Mardom Group are an excellent way of gaining experience. Our offer is targeted at graduates or candidates willing to broaden their professional experience. We have been cooperating with the Employment Bureau through internship programs intended for different age groups. This way, numerous graduates have found permanent employment in our company or an idea for future career path.

In 2015 we established cooperation with the Faculty of Wood Technology at Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW). We encourage wood technology students to start paid internships in departments where they will have an opportunity to apply the knowledge acquired at the university.

Wood technology students will also have an opportunity to write their thesis on the basis of research and observations conducted in our company.

Our team

Our team consists of professionals – creative people full of passion and commitment. Thanks to work in a family business which is managed in a flexible way we may enjoy running independent projects. Our ideas do not get lost in the corporation. This way we feel that we have a tangible contribution in company’s success.

Joanna Groszkowska – HR

Renata Wójcik – Sprzedaż Krajowa

Mateusz Zawadzki – IT

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